Dear ... you, the other one

I sent one last email for the fuck of it to "the other woman". I told her he was all hers. Don't ask me why I've waited this long, maybe it's because he is so cool about the whole idea and has gone on to fucking her and not wanting to see me , as if it's like flicking a bug off your shoulder. Well fuck it. I had to do it for my own fucked up satisfaction. Whether she brushes it off or tells him, in the end I just want this to be a way to let go off him because I still find myself wanting him to be a part of my life.


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  1. Well done to you for having the guts to do it. If it were me Id probably be still gong through the whole scene in my head "should I, shouldnt I write it and send it." I love your fire in your gut and your bluntness.