Dear ... why do you still have this effect on me?

I saw him again at the club this weekend. After not going out in ages and not seeing him in months, there he was. Right when I entered and was leaving my coat at coatcheck I hear his voice with his groups of friends. Ugh. Why?! And to make matters even more akward he was at a table next to mine. I saw him. He saw me. We saw each other. Blah blah. The awkard hello, we fucked on two occasions, it was wierd and we stopped communicating, and I thought you were mediocre in bed anyways but my heart still skips a beat when I see you. Grrrr ! It's like the one time in my life I hook up with a guy I've only know for about a month (which ok does not make it a one night stand) but still this merry go round shit is happening months on after our encounter. I know it was him you texted me a few weeks back. It's like why do you have my number in your phone still if you are going to text me at 3am in the morning and when I ask why? you keep quiet.


  1. Shit! I wish I had that amount of money! Why don't you start a business? If you are a model you must be super pretty! Lucky!

  2. Haha, a classic 'see him later' moment. The guy that you're not even into, but still get's under your skin. I hate that crap. It's almost like, yeah so I'm not into you, what did you expect from me... to be in love with you...? But then it still hurts (my feelings) that you don't care that I'm not in love with you. Or that you haven't tried to contact me, apart from your piss-poor attempt at 3am.

  3. I never know if its appropriate when I guy calls and texts me at 4am in the morning wanting to come round but I usually just ignore them (well most of the time) sometimes I cant resist.