Dear ... Runaway

I wonder if his not responding to my email to thank him for all that we have gone through (or should I say all that I have gone through) was an experience of a lifetime. Well, one I would not advise for young women. So I got a 5 figure sum of money that can keep me living well enough for over 2 years in a nice apartment, etc. but there wasn't even a feeling of joy or hapiness when I got it. It was more like, ok so you are out of my life? I guess a part of me will miss the occasional ride on his private jet or the "what if one day he did take me here or there?" but in hindsight I have to tell myself NO! I want things and life on MY terms. I want being on that private jet or first class to be because I worked my ass off for it. I want to be able to go on vacations knowing that I am with a guy who likes or loves me and is not just jetting in one of his "girlfriends/prostitutes" to keep him company. I don't know if he will ever answer or call me but ..yeah whatever. Listening to Kanye West's Runaway lyrics made me realise that I can't always "Nieman Marcus shop it off" whenever I am upset. Fuck it, he has enough money to buy women in and out of his life. A few years down the line he'll need to buy a new dick because he can't stay that strong and virile and keep up with all those chicks!

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  1. I just sat here and typed you the world's LONGEST and most detailed response, and Chrome had to go and fuck it up. I'm so pissed -- I actually yelled and my boyfriend asked me what was wrong. Here's the CliffsNotes:

    1) Don't contact him ever again, no matter what.

    2) Get tested -- better safe than sorry.

    3) Invest/save some of the money and get a job.

    I really wish you the best! Please keep in touch with me and remember, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here for you!