Dear ... Billie Holiday


I think I love this Billie Holiday song more than ever now because I finally understand it because it is happening to me. I see the Chanel ad and just think of a love story between Audrey Tatou and the male character but of course the ad is all about the perfume, while the lyrics are about my life.

I am still in a transition period. I haven't talked to him since 3 days. I am sure once he sends out the huge sum of cash or what I call my walking papers that would that or what? It's not like I never want to see him again. I have a plan to write him a letter. I was advised by a friend to stay calm and never to mention that I know about his emails or access to it because that may set him off and what do I acheive from that? And I guess him being a business man in a particular industry I guess the thought of someone having access to his business emails (of which I had NO fucking interest) may put him a spot where he and his business partners feel threatened. Ugh. I just want to tell him I know and I want to be free and want us to still be friends

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  1. hey anonymous girl. Remember to be strong, you'll get through this. <3