Dear ... biting the bullet

It's over or at least it's heading that way. I told him that I wanted to use protection (yes after 2 years of not) and he beat around the bush about how it would change things and that he felt it was not necessary. Then he said he didn't want me to see him just for his money so he was offering me a lump sum of cash and that would be that.

HELLO you selfish prick I LOVED YOU as a person for the way he helped changed my life. I try to prove to you all the time that I am working hard at getting a proper job. But it's easy for you to shove money in my hand and say piss off because you have 100 other females to fuck and pay from time to time so what does that matter? SORRY if I want to protect myself from an STD seeing as you only SOMETIMES use protection because you believe you know those other women.

I hope you realised what you have done to me. Maybe seeing your emails was a wake up call to sort out my life. I want to end shit on my terms to. To confess or not to confess? To take the money and walk away or the take the money and say by the way I know about x, y z !


  1. Just walk away. And don't ever let him make you feel vulnerable or as if you need him. You sound like a strong girl, I hope you make the right decision. <3

  2. I think you should walk away. Make sure you have enough money to take care of yourself (including get checked for STDs) and make sure that when you leave, you leave with every gift that scumbag ever gave you! I'd also suggest before you leave that you make sure you have a safe place to stay and you don't ever have to be in a position to need him or any man ever again. I'm sure you're an amazing person and probably very beautiful that you can make a path out there on your own with your personality and beauty. Definitely leave him but make sure you can stay on your own two feet and with your things before doing so -- and take that money!