Dear ... alcohol

I can't believe I spent this week drinking juice mixed with vodka. In one week on my own I finished a 1 liter bottle. All of this for what? To numb the pain? Of someone who has no idea that what they are doing hurts me? Or rather I am letting it hurt me by poking my nose into what I should have known from the start.


  1. oh god!
    i really love your blog:)


  2. Depends on the juice....
    But that is rather a lot, isn't it. The trouble with numbing pain is you just feel worse afterwards. And believe me, I've been in sickening pain recently and not being a big drinker, a smoker or with any other destructive habit has made it harder to cope, I imagine. But pain fades. It just takes time.

  3. You'll be fine. Take is one step at a time girl !