Dear ... professional therapy

I am contemplating seeing a therapist because I am so tired of keeping all my frustrations inside. I come so close to telling friends and family my issues via emails but no one understands. They think life is peachy. Well it is, in a sense. There are other people out there struggling. I just can't bear things sometimes. This constant feeling of inadequacy, not knowing when my next miserable modeling paycheck is due so I have to ask him for money. And here I am strutting around in fancy clothes like I own the world when I don't. When no one wants to listen me and give me a chance to work with them. Maybe I dont have enough drive? Am I useless?

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  1. It’s a good decision deciding to see a therapist, I think it will do you some good as well as help ease the burden of your family and friends having to help you out with your current stressful situation. Sometimes it’s not that they don’t understand, it’s sometimes hard I can only imagine in trying to give the best advice to you without demeaning or being judgmental. I know you will figure yourself out soon. Here’s to a brighter New Year! Have a good one.