Dear ... safe sex

If there is a moment in my life when I feel like a dumb-ass, it is when that time of the year comes around for my all around check up. You know, going to the sexual health clinic and answering questions about sex and sometimes having to admit you didn't use protection with your partner. And the lady shakes her head and you know she is going to offer you a million condoms after the session. Well, to be honest I would have loved to break down and get all emotional on her and tell her how I will not use the birth control pill because until I find a guy dedicated to be my boyfriend (not fuck buddy) then the weight gain and nausea will be worth it. And that well, I am dating this uber rich older guy whom I have been seeing for over a year and sometimes we have anal sex, blah blah and I have fallen into him convincing me that he does not like condoms, blah blah. I only did this test because it was long due and my friends (who are in steady, loving no-fucking-other-girls relationships) did theirs. I am supposed to be a smart young woman, yet when it comes to sex I fuck it up. And here I am, high and mighty on my horse, looking down at 15 year olds having their second baby, living on welfare cheques and not knowing the risks of STDs.

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  1. good on you for getting it checked at least (: !