Dear ... family

Ok, so I don't come from a nuclear family because that got fucked up from day one, but I do come from one big crazy, irrational at times, slash why am I a part of this - type of family. Basically I am going to see my relatives whom I have not seen in 3D since like 2 years ago and that includes my mom. Last time I was home we got into a huge argument about life. In other words she likes to think of me as a child. And at that time I guess depending on her for cash put me in a "beggars can't be choosers" position. But when you now make more cash than your mom (because secretly one has an uber rich man) and you also drink, smoke, etc, how does one approach this subject in an easy manner? Like say if I am having wine (yep, drinking in front of her for the 1st time will be another "moment in history") with the family and go out to have a smoke and mom blows the roof. Do I respond:

(a) Um, did I not tell you before that I smoke so deal with it !! I am an adult you can't tell me what to do
(b) Put it out but smoke behind her back like a scared 14 year old
(c) suffer not smoking for a couple of weeks not only for my health but for her sake

Ummm right now I will go with (a) because as much as I am excited about this family reunion I am also not gonna change who I have become over the past couple of years for one individual who still wants to rule the roost. And yeah, did I mention I own expensive shit which I am contemplating taking / not taking on the basis of

(a) she needs to see how I live and what I have achieved on my own.
(b) she does not need to know I own a Chanel bag (amongst other brands) that probably costs the equivalent of her entire month's salary if not more coz then the questions start coming in.

What to do. How to behave?


  1. i totally understand how you feel. my family is totally the same way its a crazy way to live and grow up. but i dont think that i would change it for the world.