Dear ... blank

It has been a while since I posted, but that is becuase things have been going well. My trip abroad went well. It wasn't work related but I enjoyed it. Work here has been the same as usual, though again I am feeling the restlessness that comes with summer; people going away, having things to do and vacations booked. I have to sort out my work documents, as well as take an over due journey to see family. It's a mixture of excitement, nerves and anxiety. I still wish I was as busy as the other models around me who boast about being tired from working every single day of the week, or just having come from a fitting in Paris last night. I sometimes want to smack them in the face and tell them to shut the fuck up! It's as if they know I only work locally and no one has bothered to send me over seas. I can make things happen on my own. It's been a year already and things need to change.


  1. best of luck on everything..things are going to get better and im happy to hear that you been haveing fun lately
    have a great weekend

  2. have funnn :)))
    your blog is verryy cute :) following x x
    feel free to follow :)

  3. if you want to get invited to devinezquoi, email me at devinezquoi@hotmail.fr

    still like yer diary;