Dear ... older men

I don't know when or if I will ever get over this older man complex. I have tried dating guys my age but I find them immature and I'm always getting into arguments with them because when I speak my mind about something they go off! Plus guys in their early 20s are going through this phase where they try to act mature or boast about climbing the corporate ladder, blah, blah when they are far from it. Or at least treat you like one of their collection of girls to fuck after a night out. Like I give a shit about you having a table at a club!

I think older men have already gone through the entire manual of "The Female Species" or 90% of it to know what phase I am going through before they even ask. Plus they have more experience in life. Like "R" who I met at the cafe and saw again the other day after the holidays. I like him. We chat whenever we bump into each other. The other day we shared a table because it was crowded. He is cute for his age. I am not interested in a long term relationship with him though. I just want to sleep with him to see what he is like. Is that weird? Then again I just got my period and feeling a bit horny. What am I saying? I should be focusing on my own life right now. Why am I always seeking comfort from older men? You know I secretly wish to marry an older man, just so that I don't have to go through all that "young couples argument" crap people talk about. Fuck age! I want someone who is already 100% sure of himself because I am too damn emotional to be dealing with someone else's problems.


  1. just between you and I and i guess whoever reads this comment I leave here. . .

    I like the company of older men as well. I've dated a handful of guys my age of course, but like you said. . . they're so fucking immature it drives me fucking off the wall! Agurh! and did I mention that their totally broke ass losers too when their too young?! agurh.

    Anyways, I've dated a few older men and I must say that they are just so secured in life that it makes me so comfortable to settle down and be happy. Sure they may look old enough to be my father but hell. . .at least they have their shit together! fuck.