Dear ... I'm so broke it's not even funny

Oh my God! Whoever said "life is not about money, so long as you have blah blah blah" must have been seriously high! I am literally counting the days until I have to pay my rent just so that I am not tempted to spend it. Today I actually used the calculator on my iPhone when getting groceries and having run out of my fancy face wash I cringed at the thought of having to spend £3 on a face wash, which I normally wouldn't bat an eyelid about. So now minus the rent money I will have roughly £20 until the end of the month. I have a food supply plus I figured now is a good time to get into character and pretend to be anorexic. All I can do is pray my applications went well and for someone to call me back and say "Hey, we'd like to hire you when can you start?" And for my knight in shining armor to help me out ... again. Ugh. I feel so low right now. And I have all these projects that will eventually need money to get them going. I am actually considering returning an unworn pair of pants I bought recently to get some extra cash.


  1. wow I'm also in this kind of situation. I've been counting the days untill I have to pay my rent and the monthly college tuition, so I'm not able to spend anything besides the really neccesary things actually. sigh..

  2. Thanks for commenting my blog, that's very sweet!)

    Oh totally agree with your first statement...Sometimes I'm just crazy on money!!