Dear ... casual relationship

I hate casual relationships. No matter how prepared you think you are for them something always comes back to bite you in the ass, or in my case punch you in the stomach. I am dating this guy because I like him and he likes me and of course he helps me out financially. But GODDAM !! It's one thing to dream about him cheating on you with other girls and another to actually see photos of a naked woman on his phone on holiday somewhere...FUCK FUCK FUCK! I felt so sick to my stomach. And why have I been so pious and brushing off other guys when he pretty much has a fuck buddy in every major city by the looks of it?!! Oh yeah he has tons of money and travels a lot for work and seeing as we don't socialize much with other people I can see what I am setting myself up for. I just want to scream. NO! Two can play the game. I can have the perks of fucking whoever I want whilst enjoying the benefits of this current "relationship".

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