Dear ... men and "J" in particular

Men are assholes. Not all men, but for the most part. Even the older ones who are supposed to know their place in life and know what they want from a woman still act like stupid little boys who want to have their cake and eat it too. "J" you obviously have a way with words. Telling me you really like me. Always ending your text with an "x". I called you and thought you would call me back. You haven't. You obviously just had to say something nice from time to time. And what's more annoying is that although I don't see you around all the time I see your fuckin' brand that you own on TV almost every goddam day ! Is it God's way of laughing in my face or am I supposed to get used to seeing it so much that I become numb to it? I wish I never met you. Why the hell did you bother me while I was minding my own business listening to my ipod?! Oh yeah I remember you just wanted a good fuck in bed and I guess I fell for it. Asshole.


  1. Dear "Idontknowyourname".

    You look really resentful in your posts, and I felt really sorry when I was reading you.

    I've just discovered your blog. I like it because I think it shows really well how life is: goals and the difficult to reach them.

    I hope all you write is fiction. If it's not, cheer up and keep fighting. Meanwhile, see only the good things and not the bad ones (sometimes it helps, sometimes not).

    Good Luck! I keep reading you :)

  2. It's a diary. There it is not fiction. I am not resentful. Just that shit happens and right now it's happening to me.

  3. aw bummer if this guy is being a loser, guys just suck sometimes. can't help but love that picture!!


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