Dear ... hang over

It's 4pm and I've only been awake for 2 hours. Trying to work on my secret project. I had a lovely chat with my mom last night before I went out. Then I had cocktails galore last night, with this guy, who thought was going to get some late night action. Umm, he was married, or in his words separated from his wife. Eww. He had the nerve to tell me this and STILL want to sleep with me?! Hahaha. Thanks for the memories but I really...don't....think so buddy. And this sandwich and Kiwi fruit juice is not helping my hang over. ouch.


  1. the best cure is to take some tylenol, drink a big glass of water and eat something right before you go to sleep... i gaurantee you will wake up feeling a little better than if you hadn't. quite a few years of bartending taught me that :)


  2. for me, a hugeee glass of orange juice is the BEST hangover cure. of course, hopefully ur not hung over by the time im writing this :)

    i like the pic btw.


    fall in love with hanneli mustaparta...

  3. Bacon and eggs do it for me!
    Or you know what? Go back to sleep. Fo a few days. That ALWAYS works. ;)

  4. hey i actually really like your entries. i will follow them from now on (:

    and my remedies for a hangover. well i had a really bad one in summer. i felt so crappy, i forced myself to sleep and i kept on sleeping untill the headache was away and i felt better. and i drank lots of tea ;)