Dear ... being skinny

I know it's not a good idea but ever since the new year I have been so stressed about a lot of things not going right or not going anywhere in my life that I have started a low calorie diet. Last night I had 2 cans of Heinz soup instead of half a can. I felt so bloated I actually took laxatives. And all I've had so far today is kiwi juice. I am just telling myself that until x ,y and z get done I will put myself on a strict liquid diet. At least this way I have a focus on something.


  1. That sounds like you are eating hardly anything.You have to eat healthy stuff too so that your skin and face looks good. I eat lots of vegetables and only water. No juice or soda. I bet you, you are not even fat. Everyone feels fat no matter if they are stick skinny.

  2. that sounds good. I do eat soups. i am a coffe addict which is not good. but i will take your advice on vegetable and water. it just that i dont cook that's the problem. i don't want an eating disroder by no means

  3. Veg and salads and sushi lady.

    and less of the laxative talk ;-)

    Mm x

  4. Agreeing with MM^ Remember not to let the industry make you unhealthy- food is fuel! Fuel for thinking, feeling, breathing, and being pretty to boot! Sushi's a great choice since it's not fattening at all and fish is so great for your skin and hair... eat more, love! And cooking isn't that hard to learn, and it's cheaper than eating out... plus you can control what goes into your meals that way.

    Good luck!