Dear ... artificial beings

This is the first time in my life when I feel life would be so much better and easier if I were born from some computer program. No past, no parents. Just a blank screen ready to absorb information. I say this because despite having a good start to the new year, there are some old things which crept up on me. Things that I can't change or should I say things that refuse to change. Those things are in particular two human beings called mom and "dad". What kind of parent refuses to see their child face to face but would rather send a text when something urgent comes up? And what kind of man breeds left, right and center whilst refusing to take responsibility for it?

So here's to pushing the DELETE button on both of you. You proved your point. I put up with your shit but when I asked you to change ONE fucking thing, it was just too much for you! And you had to go and play the victims.

1 comment:

  1. Parents are funny like that they never seem to quite get you but i suppose it come with territory some times, family is physically too close to really see you for what you are. on a lighter note tho! i love the fith element mila is so and alround agle i love her hair in this still:)xx scisi