Dear ... Belle

We all make decisions in life that affect us and I am choosing to make this one. I am doing this for myself. It's not that there is no other way out but while I wait for whatever may be, I need to take care of certain things. I feel like my career is stagnant at the moment and I am at the bottom of the pyramid. Who knows where this new venture will lead me to? Will it be successful and help me to do other things in the near future? How will it change or affect me as a person. Quite frankly I am open to a lot of things. Just where I live people go one about their lives like nothing matters. You have a lovely nuclear family which is pretty well off and next door is some seedy Russian mafia type also going on about his life. Upstairs is God knows what. In this apartment it's just me. A normal, single girl who is just trying to keep her head above the water in every way that she can.

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