Dear ... hacking

I hope to God never to use your emails that I copied and saved onto my computer as ammunition against you. I hope this year I will become more independent and less attached to you and less dependent on you. I just spend an hour putting together all your emails with your other women that you see (including sordid pictures they send to you) in the hopes that I will let the cat out of the bag. Then again one of them knows this is the kind of person you are but the pleasure at the end of the day would be in them knowing who the other is and what they look like and how you write to them all the same way, you can't even be creative in your writin. Yet you don't write to me. Do you love me the least?

Well I guess the main thing is that one day I can get over all of this and never have to reveal to you that I had access to your email all this time and knew what you were up to !!

Yeah I know it's not cool but as much it hurts me to read them (well I have become numb to some of them) at the same time it helps me see where the road ahead before putting on that blind fold and letting you guide me.

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