Dear ... on to the next chapter

Ok, I took a dive and texted him and I think I've answered my own questions and doubts and realised he is not worth my time anymore. If he is being a pussy because he was lousy in bed then that's his fucking problem. Guys my age just don't know how to handle a situation with a woman. Well, now I need to move on to bigger and better things. I can't wait for my next trip to just get out of here for a while. I really want to meet new people and make new friends. Not like people whose idea of calling you to go out is when they have an agenda (rich guys) and they want you to tag along. I haven't gone out in a while though I know I am not missing anything specail. Same shit, just in a different outfit each weekend. Ugh. Would my life be more meaningful if I were one of those poor students on a budget who can only afford cheap cocktails in places where you can come in jeans? Or is there meaning SOMEWHERE amongst these euro boy idiots showing up to clubs in fancy cars surrounded by bitchy girls who can't even say hi to you at a club, without thinking you are there to steal her man? I can't help it if I work in fashion and I hang out in expensive fancy areas because I can afford to and that's my lifestyle. I am more what you would call an Upper East Side girl than one from Brookyln. Is that a crime?! Help !

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  1. No darling, it is not a crime, get yourself out there with some girlfriends with no men on the agenda, just a pure evening of excitement xx