Dear ... modelling career

Where the fuck am I going with this modelling shin-dig? I haven't had a job in, um a month I think and no castings so far this week. I'm trying to work on my CVs, i.e. doing other shit but what's there to do? Another round of rejection, no replies then only to have people around you say "Oh you are so smart, you are more than qualified... blah blah blah". Oh please, you need to know people plus I feel like some people probably see my potential but shut it down because they know I can do something big. So tired of my agent right now. I need a game plan. I need to start earning big bucks pronto !

Most of all I need to get laid on a regular basis. I think being surrounded by couples during winter and seeing them (um, my flatmate) cuddle up in bed all day or do warm fuzzy feeling things is making me long for someone. God, at least if I had a job I wouldn't give a shit !

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  1. ahhh, all i can say is keep trying, maybe it not you. what agency are you sign to?