Dear ... I want to be your girlfriend

How stupid and irritated at myself do I feel for getting involved with a guy who I think is a bit of a coward (according to others shy) to confront me about the way we are hooking up? Ok, so on two occasions he was rather lousy in bed but whenever we bump into each other it's all Hi how are you? blah blah. like come one are you a prick or is this blushing bride method you are using truly the way you interact with girls? Fuck !

I think because it's winter and getting cold and work is few and far between I am desperate to make him like me or in fact A guy like me. I want to be taken seriously and not just one of those pretty models in a top club sipping champagne all night.

If anything I want to teach him how to have sex for Christ's sake ! It would be one thing if he was good in bed and it was a once off casual experience but this is one of those instances where I need to just speak up once and for all and let him know how I feel !

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