Dear ... misunderstood

Sometimes people pretend to be listening to you when they are not. Or am I just not making myself clear? I feel like my guy is a bit distant lately. It worries me naturally for many reasons, one of them mainly being financial. Sad but true. And on the other hand I am still in this crazy loop with this guy my age who just doesn't know what he wants. I mean we slept together and we texted after. Then I see him out clubbing, one might my friend and I joined him and his friends and he is all touchy feely, then the next time around ... ugh. You would have to see it to know what I mean. And he is on my mind constantly. Normally I don't give a shit about young guys when I have an older wealthier man but it's one of those things were for once I want to hang out with someone goofy, someone to joke with and not feel the pressure to act like an older woman. Or maybe it's me wanting a boyfriend my age to make having an older lover, easier? I dunno.

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