Dear ... finding out things you shouldn't know

So I put two and two together and accessed his email account. Yes, I knew there was one or two other women in the picture but Jesus to see him be so desperate as to be hooking up with another girl in the same city as me a few days ago !!? And he sends 2 girls the same photo of himself. Well then after my little discovery which I kind of knew about but not to this extent, I have decided to enjoy the financial ride as much as I can. He seems happy to be a cash machine to the other women I don't see why I should feel guilty about asking him for cash from time to time. If he can't commit emotionally to me, then let him commit financially. The only "good" thing about this whole situation I put myself in is the fact that he feels like he is getting old and needs to screw everything in a skirt. I fucking hate him right now and want revenge !


  1. I feel like giving you a big hug.

  2. "If he can't commit emotionally to me, then let him commit financially."

    totally thinking that sentence is epic, though it's probably not right.
    i wish you all the best, definitely you can do better:)