Dear ... so close you can almost taste it

I am doing ok. I went shopping. It was great, though a small part of me thought I should save all this cash I was given to spend, even though "my man" did tell me you need to let go and shop till you drop !!! Which I did, there is still some left over.

But most importantly I feel like things are looking up for me in the fashion world. I did a show the other day and a casting with a big designer went well. I hope they call me back. Being on that show would be a big deal for me. It's Fashion Week but I feel slightly left out. So I am not a "show girl" seeing as I am not 5'10. I just can't wait for this to be over and for the regular work to start.


  1. great shot of freja!

    shopping always helps... a little :)


  2. I'm glad things are looking brighter for you and that your spoiling yourself silly like how you should be! Werqqqqqq it out girllll! xoxo