Dear ... things that make me want to scream

I am so pissed off by the lack of progress with certain things and bullshitting human beings in my life that I just want to find an open space and scream ! I am not saying I am free of any blame for not taking the bull by the horns but there are people out there who are not doing their part too.

I want to scream at the people who made empty promises and lied to me behind my back

I want to scream at the pricks who caused the recession because thanks to them I have to hear the "sorry we can't afford to take on any new people" speech despite being fuckin' overqualified

I want to scream for being "somewhat unemployed", whilst assholes out there are ripping off the welfare system and getting a paycheck for doing nothing or having babies. Well EXCUSE me if the government didn't give me money on my 16th birthday and each year there after for using contraception !

I want to scream at the noisy fuckers who make noise in my apartment building but unfortunately the building management is away on holiday till January

I want to scream at certain people in my family for hiding secrets from me. Like a week ago I found out something about someone I love dear

And most of all I want to scream at myself for not being.. I don't know... tougher I guess ?


  1. I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I want to scream at the stupid people in our lives who make things more difficult.

  2. I know how you feel and I support screaming and if possible, beach therapy. I felt like losing it and then I went to the beach today and now, I feel better. Keep your head up chica!

  3. Blogging is probably the closest thing to or probably even louder than a scream sometimes.
    bitch, rant and scream all you want hun.
    just hang tight and things will brighten up for you.


  4. Thanks for your comment (:
    Daul looks so incredible on this picture! <3