Dear ... me

I want to tell myself to stop worrying and being anxious. It will all be alright soon. *sigh*


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  2. An amazing blog, But don't be so anxious ;) ! There's fabulous items to win totally made in FRANCE if you enter my give away!

    Much Love, ThePeppyMay

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  3. Hey !!

    Ok... I have to be true to you. When i first came in there, it was to promote my newborn blog. But then I started reading.....
    And Your blog is full of intense emotions. Like you definetly right it for you, and for no one else. And I felt as I was entering your privacy.
    And i just wanted to tell you. No matter what it takes, how long it will take ; get it rid of your sadness and your loneliness.. you're not alone. not, alone. we are 6 999 999 999 other people. And I don't know what you believe in, but I do believe in God. So you can be SURE that at least someone from up there watches you.

    Here's somethoing for you : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tHoK1CpCaI

    hope to hear from you very soon