dear ... arguments

Great. I just fucked it up with this one. I hate arguments with guys I barely know who I technically don't like thaaaaat much but then again I feel bad for taking a dig at him during the argument. I pretty much confessed how I was not where I said I was and told him it was because I wanted more time away from him, that's why I pretended to be far away from his place. Ok there I said it, now he knows. Take it or leave it. I am not good at this relationship thing. Maybe that's why I am single and alone. He is not "the one" so maybe that's why I left and called him a dickhead. And even though it carried on for a stupid amount of time via text and ended with "I'm sorry" and good night, i really am not that sorry. Oh who the fuck cares. If he doesn't call me, I dont care. I just want life to move on already. I hate dating.

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