dear ... new guy who's probably gonna be a player

He seems like a nice guy. Tall. A gentleman, who opens the door for me and is quite handsome. In fact he has that Calvin Klein male model hotness about him. I promised myself not to get hurt, to just let go and do whatever. Have that one night stand just ONCE in my life. Ok at this point it is no longer a one night stand because we have met up twice. He could turn out to be a dickhead after I sleep with him for all I know. But I am thinking fuck it. I am going away for a bit anyways, so at least being far away from him will help me get over him and come back ready to move on to other things. As much as I'd like to play the 2 month waiting game, at the end of the day if he is meant to be he will stay around. I'd rather not wait and wonder and be dissapointed later, let me have the bullshit now so that I can move on and focus on other things sooner.

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  1. This is very familiar. I met a guy like this too and we had so much sexual fun together . He promised me it wasn't just fun for once, we would meet more often and there was a chance for a relationship. Well, guess what! I never saw him again. Idiot.