Dear ... you shameless, heartless prick

I just want to thank you Stephanie for your comment. It made me feel like I am not alone. People who have not been through what I am going through do not understand. What started off as a great weekend leading to a great Monday has ended up like shit. Yes I intentionally opened Pandora's box only because I was curious of the events surrounding a certain "situation". Let's just say this coming weekend I WAS supposed to be off on an amazing trip to the Mediterranean with him. I'm talking 5 star shit. Ok, he dropped a comment about his friend bringing other females and I thought Oh God I hope he does not have the nerve to think I am going to be down with anything like that. It's one thing to know he has a chick in 2 or 3 other cities (and I wouldn't be surprised if it were here as well) but it's another to flaunt his "free thinking" in front of my face.

Anyway, I can't go to this trip. It's partially to do with it being last minute and let's just say immigration is a bitch. But what hurts the most is seeing his email about meeting some fugly slut tomorrow evening and when I call him he tells me he will be travelling tomorrow. This confirmed the email and I kind of expected this response but I was THIS close to screaming "Hey that's ok since I can't go I am sure you can take that whore with you in my place instead huh ?!?!" Oh and you know what's fucking sweet? I wrote to the bitch to let her know what's up. She probably knows but if she had no clue before now she fucking knows she is not the only one he is fucking. Let me exhale and open up a savings account so that I can at least fill my piggy bank up if I cannot be fulfilled emotionally. I love him but I hate him sometimes. I'm glad I know this. Two can play the game.

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  1. if he cheats on you, cheat on him....then u can use his money while finding someone worthwhile your time. hehe