Dear ... celebrity offspring

I cannot stand some of those self-righteous brats who think they are an expert on everything without having to tow the line like the rest of us. And even more pathetic are the magazines, brands and modeling agencies who hire them and pay them ridiculous amounts of money, despite the fact that they are set to inherit MILLIONS !

These so called "it girls" who overnight become the editors of magazines, land a cover or campaign despite being way below the minimum height for a model or having only 2 seconds of experience in publishing but now want to declare themselves the Anna Wintours of pop culture/fashion magazines. I feel sorry for bright new models who get turned away because "daddy" does not bring in publicity. And the poor girl, guy or gay who has been interning at "X" for a year or more with no pay but come Monday morning he has to prepare the new office for so and so's daughter.

And does it stop there? No. Now they will be showing at London, New York or Paris Fashion Week , alongside designers who were slaving away in dingy ateliers before they were even a fully developed fetus. Lindsay Lohan is famous in her own right, but being appointed creative director or whatever it is at Emanuel Ungaro? Really?! Could they not have at least waited until she made some "collection" or interned for 72 hours at some fashion house?!

But then they want to turn around and use the excuse of "I don't rely on my parents' name to get where I am". Bullshit. And I guess if brands, magazines and agencies are desperate enough, let them. I just hope one day the public wakes up and asks them what the hell they have done for society lately to deserve this accolade?


  1. thanks!! you have an inspiring blog!

  2. totally agree with your post! They need more credibility and experience in the industry rather than just be a fad for the media before they can lecture the masses.

  3. i thoroughly enjoy your rants. at least the fashion "it" girls have SOME sort of talent for dressing. like the jagger girls, etc. who i can't stand are the hilton girls. yuck. trashy & spoiled.

  4. i totaly love this photo !
    xoxo from France

  5. wow! my gosh!
    amazing pic!!

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  7. i actually completely agree with you. fame and money should be earned, not handed to you because who your parents are. it makes all those students 80 grand in the red at some design university seem worthless because, despite probably having better and more innovative designs than some celebrities, they dont get the job because their parents aren't famous. its sick.


  8. I cannot stand Cory Kenedy! THere I said it. She looks super trashy and badly dressed. And she gets to interview Yoko Ono and her son.

    I`m glad to see that there is someone else out there who actually understands how freakin hard it is to work hard to get up on the social ladder! I completely agree with you 100%!


  10. I totally agree with you about the 'it' girls!
    great blog btw!